Aug 022012

The New York subway is pretty crazy – We didn’t use it until our third day, when we needed to get to Yankee Stadium. We had seen stations everywhere, but we had walked andA�busedA�to many locations – in a very Aussie fashion. When it finally came to us HAVING to use the Subway, we finally found a station andA�descended. The first thing that hits you is the hot, humid heat – it envelops you. It is like walking into the heart of the earth – imagine entering and Sauna fully clothed. We were used to New Yorks crowds of people just flowing everywhere like water, but then you funnel them through tiny gates (pictured above) in a small area with a low ceiling and it was something else entirely. Everything a human arm can reach is cleaned – anything beyond that is filthy. The platform where people stand will be swept and mopped – but beyond that will be caked with grime, not a little dirt – we’re talking black with filth. All manner of lost things sit between the rails, from phones to phone covers, to hats and all manner of lost drinks and MetCards. And then when a train does pull up, there is no waiting for people to get off as the next group of sardines gets in – you simply thrash against the doors as people try and escape around you. And don’t hesitate – the second you do, the doors slam shut and the train is off. Honestly though, this city would be lost without this hellish place.

Bonus randomA�embarrassingA�fact: I was surprisingly familiar with the layout of many Subway stops because I had played ‘ Obat salep benadryl The Darkness‘ on Xbox 360, a game that prided itself on faithful recreations of many Subway stations. Video games did a thing.


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Jul 302012

When Juanita and I arrived at our hotel, one of the first things we did is beeline to theA�ConciergeA�andA�inquireA�aboutA�BroadwayA�shows, and baseball games. About 40 minutes, and maybe $900 later, we had tickets to see Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, Memphis and New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox.

So tonight Juanita and I saw Spider-Man (sorry the pic above sucks, photography wasn’t allowed in the theater), and the big reason I wanted to see it wasn’t because it was Spider-Man (it wasn’t, shut up) but because I saw a behind the scenes mini-documentary on the plane from Orlando, and I was really impressed with the transforming sets they use – things like a giant building facade will split and fold into a school room scene, or a street scene will be comprised of 4 panels that folder into each other to give the impression of the scenery changing, while the actors walk on a stationary treadmill to look like they are constantly walking along. The music was really inspiring, a tad goofy (in a good way) at times – like watching The Green Golbin sing ‘A Freak like Me needs Company’. And don’t even get me started on the Wire effects, Spider-Man was stupidly convincing with how he used the ENTIREA�THEATERA�in his webslinging which made sure that NOBODY had a bad seat. They used 9 different Spider-Mans, to give the best effect of him swinging everywhere – best example would be Spider-Man swinging off stage, then suddenly he swings out from a balcony seat – giving the impression of movement.


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Jul 282012

Clarinex delivery New York City is a historic place. It is also dirty, busy and rude. But it’s an experience – You crane your head to even approach seeing the top of the buildings that surround you, and you walk block after block without the skyline thinning. There are hot dog vendors on every corner, and if you stop moving for a second the wave of people will engulf you without hesitation. Oh, and if you are a driver – if you don’t make that corner quickly, YOU ARE’N’T MAKING IT. There is now a wall of human beings that is thick enough to bury your stupid yellow cab. New York.


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Jul 272012

2 days, like 20+ rides, this place is nuts.

Hot, HOT Florida weather was finally becoming second nature to us, we weren’t cooking as bad as Disney, but it was still hot. Universal Studios is, for the most part, split into 2 distinct areas. There is the Islands of Adventure, and theA�Universal Studios FloridaA�which are split with a store front walkway withA�restaurantsA�and the like. Both parks are great, but logically we decided to go to one on each day.


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