Jul 172012

Vegas is a place that is surreal in every way – the buildings, the lights – nothing seems to make a tremendous amount of sense. The more I stare, the more taken back I am. Nothing is small, or humble – but you all know that. I guess what I am trying to say is, even seeing it in person, it’s so hard to believe.

Tonight we went to the RioA�to see Penn & Teller live, at their very ownA�theater, and it was more than I could ever imagine. Seeing people you admire greatly in person is an amazing experience, but it went above and beyond my greatest expectations. The show started with an open invitation to go up on stage and have a look at a wooden trunk that was on display and obviously to be used in a bit (It was solid, there was no trapdoor there) and to sign a sealed envelope, again for a later trick. While lined up on the stage, I realised I recognised the Double Bass player in the jazz duo who were performing pre show – it was Penn. And I was only a few meters away from him!


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Jul 172012

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The Aria hotel. Everyone has told us it is the newest hotel in Vegas, brand spanking new. I never thought I’d experience a ‘New Hotel Smell’, but if such a thing exists I think I can say I have smelled it. Click the main image above to see the whole thing – that image makes it look SMALL. The place is insane – you open and close the the curtains with a button control, it has a media station to plug USB phone chargers into it – and a ‘Sleep’ switch that basically shuts down the room for sleeping, lights off, tv off and curtains closed.

It’s. Bananas.


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Jul 142012

Another huge day. Think of the coolest show you have ever been to – thenA�multiplyA�it by ten a hundred. A�It’s hard to describe – today was supposed to be a half day to see the last of the main showroom floor plus the Venture Brothers panel andA�Bones panel for Juanita, so that we could have a rest, but instead we didn’t get back to the room til 6 because so many things popped up. I saw Tara StrongA�in person, got shunted by Gene Simmons bodyguard (with Gene in tow) and saw the cast of both Bones AND the Big Bang Theory Purchase metoclopramide in person. I picked up a whole slew of swag – I think I have like, 8 free t-shirts, some comics, pins, lanyards – and then there is the stuff I purchased. I have signatures from so many people I admire, and I have even been able to properly chat with some incredible people – likeA�Fred Tatasciore and Steve Blum. Seriously, two of my favourite voice artists, and I got to stand right in front of them, and even shake hands not once – but twice with Fred.

The whole damn thing is surreal, and I don’t know if it will ever truly sink in, but these are memories that will stay with me forever.

I’ll leave you with the last thing I managed to cram in from Comic Con, and perhaps the Highlight of my final day – I got to play the new Gears of War – ‘Judgment’A�You might have guessed that from the image above, but when you love video games and a particular series like I do, getting in on the ground floor of something new is truly unique.


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Jul 132012

I know everyone is expecting something amazing from this post, but I’ll be honest and smash your hopes now – I am not going into detail. So much happened, I saw so much, A�and I met so many people. Some shorthand things I experienced:

  • Got to see more detail on Epic Games new IP ‘FortNite‘ – I am unbelievably excited about this game, and you all should be too.
  • Discovered that Mark Hamill is un-retiring to reprise the role of The Joker in a ‘The Killing Joke‘ film adaptation.
  • Stan Lee explaining that the way Superman flies is ‘unscientific’ and that Thor throwing his hammer to fly makes WAY more sense (Guy is hilarious)
  • Got to play Darksiders 2 / Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (neither of these games are released yet)

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…and so on. But more detail on those another time. I mean, I could elaborate in graphic detail – Instead, I will list some people I stalked / met / admired from not-so-far-away.


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