Jul 172012

Vegas is a place that is surreal in every way – the buildings, the lights – nothing seems to make a tremendous amount of sense. The more I stare, the more taken back I am. Nothing is small, or humble – but you all know that. I guess what I am trying to say is, even seeing it in person, it’s so hard to believe.

Tonight we went to the RioA�to see Penn & Teller live, at their very ownA�theater, and it was more than I could ever imagine. Seeing people you admire greatly in person is an amazing experience, but it went above and beyond my greatest expectations. The show started with an open invitation to go up on stage and have a look at a wooden trunk that was on display and obviously to be used in a bit (It was solid, there was no trapdoor there) and to sign a sealed envelope, again for a later trick. While lined up on the stage, I realised I recognised the Double Bass player in the jazz duo who were performing pre show – it was Penn. And I was only a few meters away from him!


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Far right, fedora – that’s Penn on the double bass.

I wont go into great detail regarding the show, but I will link you to my favourite trick of theirs that they DID perform -A�The Fishbowl. The whole show just blew me away – even the tricks I had seen before in one way or another either on youtube or tv. What blew me away was that after they finished the show, they simply turned and ran out of theA�theaterA�- to wait for us in the lobby! I GOT TO MEET PENN & TELLER.

Absolutely freaking unbelievable. I’ll remember this for the rest of my goddamn life.



…And some more pictures, the Rio was quite a nice spot, and it was host to the World Series of Poker A�(huge halls, FULL of people trying their best, it was amazing)


Juanita’s massive, and delicious cocktail.

Imuran cost uk In the gift shop. Pretty rad.



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