Jul 092012

Our answer? Very. Juanita and I decided to go for a walk down Santa Monica Boulevard and observe where we were staying. After a couple blocks, Juanita remarked on how many rainbow flags were out on show, and I dismissed it as simply support for the gay marriage issue in the U.S. nowadays.

Another block , and several topless men serving in bars later, I realised I was dead wrong. From wikipedia:

West HollywoodA�(sometimes referred to asA�WeHo Cheap slimex reviews ) is a city inA�CaliforniaA�located inA�Los Angeles County. The city was incorporated on November 29, 1984. As of the 2010 census, its population is 34,399.[2]A�According to a 2002 demographic analysis, 41% of the city’s population is made up of gay or bisexual men.[3]

Well, how about that!

Click ‘Continue Reading’ to see some more evidence of how gay our L.A. is.

Some stuff that didn’t leap out at me at first. (Not pictured: Guys kissing outside the yoghurt place)

So, most awesome place to stay in L.A? Heck yes.




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