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14 hours on a plane is shit. Let me just get that out of the way. Now, the rest of this post will be more positive.

L.A is sunny and warm today, even though I have slept most of it away – it is now 3:48pm in the city of fallen angels, and Juanita and I are stirring to make the most of our afternoon. The early morning arrival is a bit of a blur to me, getting off the plane had me feeling disjointed and half conscious A�- but I do remember some highlights! I saw a fully kitted bike cop (complete with gum chewing action), an EscaladeA�being driven by the most urban dude I have ever seen (doo rag with a sideways cap, guy smiled and fist pumped at me),A�numerousA�gentlemans clubs with all manner of creative names (4PLAY FOR MEN) but for the most part I felt half dead. I’ll end the post with some recaps of stuff on the plane, but it’s high time Juanita made her writing debut on this blog, so I will leave you in her competent hands:



Continuing from Ash’s post… the plane was amazing (A380), the flight of 14 hours, not so good. With my head cold still bugging me, it made it difficult to sleep, dozing for 30min to an hour at a time 🙁 lucky we hadA�in-flightA�entertainment to watch some movies 🙂

Anyway, with the long flight behind us, we passed through customs and boarder security (finger printed and photo’s taken) and was out with our bags within an hour of landing (8am local time, mid-night Aust). We then located our Shuttle Bus (not where it wasA�meantA�to be, but got there in the end) and made our way to the Ramada Hotel, West Hollywood. Strange being in a car on the wrong side of the road and a driver on the left hand side of the car etc. we drove on a Freeway, then down Sunset Blvd! Past Rodeo Dr (didn’t stop) and up to our hotel. Here we have had a couple of hours catch up sleep and am about to venture into the 22A�C day to eat and see a few things and buy some new Flip Flops (thongs).


… Ash again,Press ‘Continue Reading’ to see some erroneous photos from the plane trip, and my 1 sentence reviews of the 3 films I watched in flight.

After what felt like forever, I discovered I could see how far we had traveled – and thinking, ‘Surely we can’t be too far away now’ I made the mistake of checking..

My robot friend in the planes toilet. (Upside down, deal with it)


1 Sentence(ish) Inflight Movie Reviews:

How much tretinoin should i use

21 Jump Street

Quite a good film, the opening premise suggests a really predictable story about people from different school cliques learning to alienate each other all over again while undercover at a high school, but some really enjoyable (and believable) twists turn the whole thing on it’s head and makes it really fresh.

Verdict: Quite Good

Quote of the Film:

Jenko:A�One particle of unobtainium has a nuclear reaction with the flux capacitor – carry the ‘2’ – changing its atomic isotoner into a radioactive spider. Fuck you, Science!A�


The Other Guys

Interesting but a little flawed – I understand the premise of the film, but the script feels as though the film was written in a bare bones format, then all manner of jokes and ‘funny’ dialogue were crammed into it leaving some funny moments feeling rather disjointed.

Verdict: Eh, Not Bad

Quote of the Film:

Terry Hoitz: I’m like a peacock, you gotta let me fly!




Project X

Think every ‘HUGE PARTY’ movie thrown into a pot and brewed into aA�colossalA�mess, in a good way – the film is shot documentary style as if someone is following the cast of Superbad around as we witness a party that turns into a full scale assault on the neighborhood. Also, an excuse to throw naked teenage breasts at the viewer?

Verdict: Worth watching. Don’t cancel plans for it though.

Quote of the Film:A�

Costa: And I’m sorry for all the times I called you “fat fuck.” “Pudgy bitch.” “Fudgy the whale.” And I’m sorry for that time at your brother’s Bar Mitzvah when I told everyone you look like Rosie O’Donnell because you don’t.
JB: I don’t.

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