Jul 302012

When Juanita and I arrived at our hotel, one of the first things we did is beeline to theA�ConciergeA�andA�inquireA�aboutA�BroadwayA�shows, and baseball games. About 40 minutes, and maybe $900 later, we had tickets to see Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, Memphis and New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox.

So tonight Juanita and I saw Spider-Man (sorry the pic above sucks, photography wasn’t allowed in the theater), and the big reason I wanted to see it wasn’t because it was Spider-Man (it wasn’t, shut up) but because I saw a behind the scenes mini-documentary on the plane from Orlando, and I was really impressed with the transforming sets they use – things like a giant building facade will split and fold into a school room scene, or a street scene will be comprised of 4 panels that folder into each other to give the impression of the scenery changing, while the actors walk on a stationary treadmill to look like they are constantly walking along. The music was really inspiring, a tad goofy (in a good way) at times – like watching The Green Golbin sing ‘A Freak like Me needs Company’. And don’t even get me started on the Wire effects, Spider-Man was stupidly convincing with how he used the ENTIREA�THEATERA�in his webslinging which made sure that NOBODY had a bad seat. They used 9 different Spider-Mans, to give the best effect of him swinging everywhere – best example would be Spider-Man swinging off stage, then suddenly he swings out from a balcony seat – giving the impression of movement.


Click ‘Continue Reading’ for a couple of photos, and a video that shows some of the Wire stuff.


The theater sign

One of the Spideys webbed us during the finale.



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