Aug 092012

Never been so happy to see a sign. Hearing Australian accents is like a cool breeze on a warm day, refreshing beyond belief. For the first time in a long time both Juanita and I can speak freely to people, and not worry about them not understanding the term ‘A bottle of water’ (true story).

The hard part now is to get our sleep patterns back to normal, and re-integrate into society. Oh, and unpack all of the swag we have collected on our casino journeys.

Jul 062012

Without sounding too much like a prat, they say ‘Every journey starts with a A�single step’ – But steps are boring. This trip, comprised of so many flights, has started with a small jump over a puddle of water. We’ve all done it, You barely get up before the plane starts coming down – but this is our trips ‘First Step’. A trial by fire as we endured a plane full of Collingwood Supporters.

Oh and we saw Russel Gilbert at the airport. STAR POWER.


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