Aug 022012

The New York subway is pretty crazy – We didn’t use it until our third day, when we needed to get to Yankee Stadium. We had seen stations everywhere, but we had walked andA�busedA�to many locations – in a very Aussie fashion. When it finally came to us HAVING to use the Subway, we finally found a station andA�descended. The first thing that hits you is the hot, humid heat – it envelops you. It is like walking into the heart of the earth – imagine entering and Sauna fully clothed. We were used to New Yorks crowds of people just flowing everywhere like water, but then you funnel them through tiny gates (pictured above) in a small area with a low ceiling and it was something else entirely. Everything a human arm can reach is cleaned – anything beyond that is filthy. The platform where people stand will be swept and mopped – but beyond that will be caked with grime, not a little dirt – we’re talking black with filth. All manner of lost things sit between the rails, from phones to phone covers, to hats and all manner of lost drinks and MetCards. And then when a train does pull up, there is no waiting for people to get off as the next group of sardines gets in – you simply thrash against the doors as people try and escape around you. And don’t hesitate – the second you do, the doors slam shut and the train is off. Honestly though, this city would be lost without this hellish place.

Bonus randomA�embarrassingA�fact: I was surprisingly familiar with the layout of many Subway stops because I had played ‘ Obat salep benadryl The Darkness‘ on Xbox 360, a game that prided itself on faithful recreations of many Subway stations. Video games did a thing.


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