Aug 092012

Never been so happy to see a sign. Hearing Australian accents is like a cool breeze on a warm day, refreshing beyond belief. For the first time in a long time both Juanita and I can speak freely to people, and not worry about them not understanding the term ‘A bottle of water’ (true story).

The hard part now is to get our sleep patterns back to normal, and re-integrate into society. Oh, and unpack all of the swag we have collected on our casino journeys.

Aug 072012

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No really, the forms you are handed on the plane prior to landing say very clearly that they will take it from you. And it shows – the place is unbelievably clean. Surfaces are immaculate, the toilets are free of graffiti and have REAL plants in them – as you exit, they have a touchscreen giving you the option to ‘Rate our Toilets!’ and after reading that the screens are disinfected every half hour, I simply HAD to give them a 10. Even as we sat in the cab, tired after our 12 hour flight from Frankfurt, we saw countless workers along the roadside, groundskeeping council land by pruning dead fronds off palm trees, making sure the hedges are perfectly boxed – you name it, they were maintaining it. Even the skyline seemed to gleam, theA�architectureA�was just unreal. Buildings with all manner of incredible curves – and then Juanita pointed out to me, ‘Look – Those skyscrapers have a cruise ship on top of them.No, seriously – THEY DO.A�Just click the link if you don’t believe me.


Jul 222012

Orlando, Florida – we landed here on Friday, after catching the 4.5hr Red Eye from Las Vegas, and it was not a perfect start to our Orlando visit.

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  1. Our flight was delayed 1hr so we did not depart Vegas till after midnight, on the positive side, we had time for a Mani-Pedi and massage at the airport before leaving.
  2. Shitbags on our flight who decided to turn on and off their lights and giggle at their iPad’s watching movies (come on, it the red eye flight- SLEEP). Then;
  3. We arrive at our hotel at 9am to be told we can not check in till 2pm (by paying an early check-in fee or 4pm with no fee) so on the positive, with only having 2hrs of sleep, I did a load of washing (YAY). Once our washing was finished I decided to ask if there was ANY possible way to get into our room, A�no matter the cost- to have a different front desk employee check us in at noon (no fee) ARGH!!!

So we are here. Friday that wasA�meantA�to be our first day at Disney wasA�destroyed – so now ourA�jobA�is to fit 6 paid days of parks into 5, on the positive we had our 1 and only meal at Sizzler – Yummo, we want to re-open one back in Tas.

Jul 172012

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The Aria hotel. Everyone has told us it is the newest hotel in Vegas, brand spanking new. I never thought I’d experience a ‘New Hotel Smell’, but if such a thing exists I think I can say I have smelled it. Click the main image above to see the whole thing – that image makes it look SMALL. The place is insane – you open and close the the curtains with a button control, it has a media station to plug USB phone chargers into it – and a ‘Sleep’ switch that basically shuts down the room for sleeping, lights off, tv off and curtains closed.

It’s. Bananas.


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Jul 152012

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Officially 1 week today, and it Vegas time baby!

Today was an early start (3:30am) to catch our flights to Las Vegas, and after 2 full on days at Comic Con and the hotel/motel in San Diego, the Aria hotel in the City Circle of Las Vegas Strip isA�AMAZING! Its a huge hotel, one of theA�newestA�built on the strip. Situated between the Bellegio and the New York New York hotels, we are in the heart of the strip. Our room is facing west, and we have just been able to see the sun set from the cool aircon of our room (currently 32deg c 7:40pm)

We had an wonderful shuttle bus driver today, who pointed out places, gave us some hints and tips about getting around, suggestIONS on what to do and see. We drove past a couple of hotels on the way- but tomorrow we will explore with our camera tomorrow and post about the Strip tomorrow night.

Today was a planned transit day- getting from one place to the other and settling in. We have not looked around much, but the joy of having 5 nights in this oasis will give us plenty of time. As we only had a small McD breakfast early this morning, we decided to hit our first Vegas Buffet- OMG… for all you Launceston people reading, it was like 4x the size of the Links @ the Cas- but this one included most drinks and had no time frame set- you can sit there as long as you like, and EAT!


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Jul 122012

Yeah, this is the sign I saw in the airport today, Shocking right? We arrived okay after a nearly-three-hour flight departing Seattle (I’ll miss you…) and arrived back in California, San Diego – another land of palm trees and big flat areas. Place is nice enough, but I am not here for the outside scenery…we know that.



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Jul 102012

Short post just to say – We are here, and it is gorgeous. L.A. is a place that is very sparse, dusty (it borders a desert) and buzzing with people trying to make it. Seattle is something else entirely – a city full of amazing greenery. There are trees everywhere, and I don’t mean dingy little potted things – proper grown trees that provide shade to walk under. I am enamored with this place, and for good reason.

Not to mention with UBER Entertainment and Valve Software so close, I have every right to be excited.


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Jul 072012

14 hours on a plane is shit. Let me just get that out of the way. Now, the rest of this post will be more positive.

L.A is sunny and warm today, even though I have slept most of it away – it is now 3:48pm in the city of fallen angels, and Juanita and I are stirring to make the most of our afternoon. The early morning arrival is a bit of a blur to me, getting off the plane had me feeling disjointed and half conscious A�- but I do remember some highlights! I saw a fully kitted bike cop (complete with gum chewing action), an EscaladeA�being driven by the most urban dude I have ever seen (doo rag with a sideways cap, guy smiled and fist pumped at me),A�numerousA�gentlemans clubs with all manner of creative names (4PLAY FOR MEN) but for the most part I felt half dead. I’ll end the post with some recaps of stuff on the plane, but it’s high time Juanita made her writing debut on this blog, so I will leave you in her competent hands:



Continuing from Ash’s post… the plane was amazing (A380), the flight of 14 hours, not so good. With my head cold still bugging me, it made it difficult to sleep, dozing for 30min to an hour at a time 🙁 lucky we hadA�in-flightA�entertainment to watch some movies 🙂

Anyway, with the long flight behind us, we passed through customs and boarder security (finger printed and photo’s taken) and was out with our bags within an hour of landing (8am local time, mid-night Aust). We then located our Shuttle Bus (not where it wasA�meantA�to be, but got there in the end) and made our way to the Ramada Hotel, West Hollywood. Strange being in a car on the wrong side of the road and a driver on the left hand side of the car etc. we drove on a Freeway, then down Sunset Blvd! Past Rodeo Dr (didn’t stop) and up to our hotel. Here we have had a couple of hours catch up sleep and am about to venture into the 22A�C day to eat and see a few things and buy some new Flip Flops (thongs).


… Ash again,Press ‘Continue Reading’ to see some erroneous photos from the plane trip, and my 1 sentence reviews of the 3 films I watched in flight.

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