Aug 052012


We have arrived in Paris for our Europe stay of our holiday. Short stay of only 3 nights that I know will not be long enough to take in theA�majesticA�city.A�Our arrival began with a connecting flight through Frankfurt, Germany- then a short flight to Paris. Unfortunately no stamp in the passport, as there were no checks or customs (but I still wanted the stamp). We arrived at our beautiful hotel – The Franklin Roosevelt hotel, located nearA�the Champs-A�lysA�esA�- where they finish the Tour de France. We slept for a couple of hours, as sleeping on planes does not exist. We then went for a wander around our hotel, to find at the end of our street, a view of the top of the Eiffel Tower and what appears to be the 5th ave/Rodeo Drive of Paris.A�I’mA�talking Armani, Versaci, Dior and of course Chanel! So the #1 thing I wanted to buy in Paris, a newA�bottleA�of Chanel No. 5 was closer then I thought, and easier as the sale lady was from Sydney.

Click ‘Continue Reading’ to …well, continue reading – and see a short gallery of Paris so far (and a video of what happens to the Eiffel Tower at night)

SoA�afterA�spending more money (Hey,A�that’sA�why I work, to pay it off) it was time for dinner, at a restaurant in our street called ‘Models de la Truffel’s’- as the name suggests, everything on the menu containedA�TrufflesA�(those fungi things that pig’s sniff out, the really expencive black clump of what looks like dirt). I can not say a lot about the flavour ofA�Truffles, I could not quite decipher the flavour from my dish, but the price was not too bad, about $100AUS, which if we had dinner back home at Franco’s etc. we would expect to pay about the same.

Today was an exploring day.A�HavingA�pre-paid breakfastA�buffetA�in our hotel followed by asking the reception deskA�informationA�about how best to get to our meeting place for dinner and then we were off to theA�EiffelA�Tower. Not too far from our hotel (thisA�comparedA�to NYC) and we were there, standing inA�frontA�on the lawn of the tower, mesmerised by its size and beauty. Our mood soonA�plummetedA�when we found out that only 1 out of 4 lifts were working to go up the tower (due to renovations on the 1st floorA�A�restaurantA�etc.), and so had to stand in line for 2.5hrs to go up – and UP we did. To the 2nd floor (observation deck) then to theA�SummitA�(TOP). Not for anyone who is fearful ofA�heights, but amazing! Had some NZ and Sydney people standing with us in the line, and we all just kept saying it’s A�’Once in a Life Time!’ so Tick- Eiffel Tower done!

With the wait in line to go up the tower, it was soon time to walk back to our hotel and change for our fancy dinner (Chanel perfume and Tiffany bling, suit for Ash), tour and show. After a big day, we had an even bigger night to come!

(Yes it’s filmed Portrait but it’s the easiest way to film such a massive thing)

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