Jul 132012

I know everyone is expecting something amazing from this post, but I’ll be honest and smash your hopes now – I am not going into detail. So much happened, I saw so much, A�and I met so many people. Some shorthand things I experienced:

  • Got to see more detail on Epic Games new IP ‘FortNite‘ – I am unbelievably excited about this game, and you all should be too.
  • Discovered that Mark Hamill is un-retiring to reprise the role of The Joker in a ‘The Killing Joke‘ film adaptation.
  • Stan Lee explaining that the way Superman flies is ‘unscientific’ and that Thor throwing his hammer to fly makes WAY more sense (Guy is hilarious)
  • Got to play Darksiders 2 / Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (neither of these games are released yet)

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…and so on. But more detail on those another time. I mean, I could elaborate in graphic detail – Instead, I will list some people I stalked / met / admired from not-so-far-away.


Click ‘Continue Reading’ for a short list of people I can immediately remember, and some random photos.

Dont know who someone is? Fine, I’ll save you a Google and link each name to a relevant area of the internet for you.

There are more, but it’s late and I am super hungry, so random photo time I guess?


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