Jul 112012

So as the photo above suggests, today Ash had the chance to visit the company’s of his two top co-op games, UBER Entertainment (SMNC) and Valve (TF2 and Portal).A�This was a day he had been excited about the whole trip (apart from Comic Con) and I am writing today’sA�post as an observer/non-gamer.

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Worth dedicating a full day, weA�traveledA�north-east of Seattle (40mins) to some surrounding cities, one being Bellevue (home of Google, Microsoft and Valve) the other being Kirkland (Home of UBER). Both companies welcomed us with friendly greetings. As AshA�becameA�a littleA�speechless, I was designatedA�Photographer. UBER, being a smaller company, had just a single office within a building, we actuallyA�comparedA�it a lot to Ash’s work office, small but productive. Scathis was happy to see us and our gift to the team, a poster of Ash’s favourateA�characterA�from SMNC – Buy paroxetine mexico Combat Girl. He then answered a few questions and allowed us to snap a few photo’s. Upon leaving UBER and awaiting our Taxi to Value, Ash was a bit star struck, as it sunk in that he had just been and met the UBER team.

Ash with John ‘Scathis’ Comes

Valve inA�comparison is an office over 5 floors of the building next to Microsoft and we were part of a group of 10 given a walk through tour around the officeA�by one of theA�receptionists – very interesting tour from a non-gamer perspective too. Ash wasA�againA�star struck when Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve) passed us 3 times, both before and during the tour.

UponA�returnA�to Seattle (via bus) we then meet up with Christin and enjoyed a yummy meal at the rotating restraunt atop the Seattle Space Needle. Was great to catch up with a familar face and enjoy the views of Seattle at twilight.

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