Jul 142012

Another huge day. Think of the coolest show you have ever been to – thenA�multiplyA�it by ten a hundred. A�It’s hard to describe – today was supposed to be a half day to see the last of the main showroom floor plus the Venture Brothers panel andA�Bones panel for Juanita, so that we could have a rest, but instead we didn’t get back to the room til 6 because so many things popped up. I saw Tara StrongA�in person, got shunted by Gene Simmons bodyguard (with Gene in tow) and saw the cast of both Bones AND the Big Bang Theory Purchase metoclopramide in person. I picked up a whole slew of swag – I think I have like, 8 free t-shirts, some comics, pins, lanyards – and then there is the stuff I purchased. I have signatures from so many people I admire, and I have even been able to properly chat with some incredible people – likeA�Fred Tatasciore and Steve Blum. Seriously, two of my favourite voice artists, and I got to stand right in front of them, and even shake hands not once – but twice with Fred.

The whole damn thing is surreal, and I don’t know if it will ever truly sink in, but these are memories that will stay with me forever.

I’ll leave you with the last thing I managed to cram in from Comic Con, and perhaps the Highlight of my final day – I got to play the new Gears of War – ‘Judgment’A�You might have guessed that from the image above, but when you love video games and a particular series like I do, getting in on the ground floor of something new is truly unique.


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Jul 132012

I know everyone is expecting something amazing from this post, but I’ll be honest and smash your hopes now – I am not going into detail. So much happened, I saw so much, A�and I met so many people. Some shorthand things I experienced:

  • Got to see more detail on Epic Games new IP ‘FortNite‘ – I am unbelievably excited about this game, and you all should be too.
  • Discovered that Mark Hamill is un-retiring to reprise the role of The Joker in a ‘The Killing Joke‘ film adaptation.
  • Stan Lee explaining that the way Superman flies is ‘unscientific’ and that Thor throwing his hammer to fly makes WAY more sense (Guy is hilarious)
  • Got to play Darksiders 2 / Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (neither of these games are released yet)

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…and so on. But more detail on those another time. I mean, I could elaborate in graphic detail – Instead, I will list some people I stalked / met / admired from not-so-far-away.


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Jul 112012

So as the photo above suggests, today Ash had the chance to visit the company’s of his two top co-op games, UBER Entertainment (SMNC) and Valve (TF2 and Portal).A�This was a day he had been excited about the whole trip (apart from Comic Con) and I am writing today’sA�post as an observer/non-gamer.

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